Randy is the main character in Stephen King’s short story “The Raft”. He is a young man in his early twenties. He wears glasses, has “skinny shanks” (p. 359, l. 28), and describes himself as shy. Randy is a pre-med (p. 360, l. 5), and in the past has volunteered to save animals from oil slicks. He shares an apartment with Deke, who seems to be his best friend. Randy also has an older brother (p. 388, l. 24).

Randy is the one to jokingly suggest going to the lake to say goodbye to the summer, even though it is predicted to snow the next day. He does this because he wants to seem more interesting and adventurous in front of the girls. He also does not back out because LaVerne’s obvious interest in Deke makes him jealous. 

Randy is the exact opposite of Deke. While Deke is an athlete, Randy...

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