Literary genre

The short story “The Raft” by Stephen King belongs to the genre of horror fiction

Horror fiction describes frightening and unusual events, often without offering any explanation for why these events are taking place. King’s short story presents the appearance of an unknown creature that kills four people. Another characteristic …


Works by the same author or in the same genre

A similar piece of writing by Stephen King is the story “The Boogeyman”. In this story, the main character, Lester Billings, tells a psychiatrist, that the boogeyman killed his three children, but that he is ultimately the one responsible for their deaths. The theme of fear is something that both short stories have in common. When analyzing the two stories you can look at the reactions of the two main characters to the supernatural events. 

Another important story by Stephen King is “Suffer the Little Children”, which tells about Miss Emily Sidley, a schoolteacher who is convinced the children in school have been replaced by doubles, which was why she killed them. The two…

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