Physical setting

The events described in the short story “The Rain Missed My Face and Fell Straight to My Shoes” by Saeed Taji Farouky take place in London, where Samir and his friends live. 

The cinema is an important part of the physical setting and plays a crucial role in the development of the plot, as Samir has lost his job there because he has stolen money to help his sick mother. Samir is attached to the place and to the usual clients, which is revealed by how well he knows them:

I also see a fat white man who usually sits a few rows ahead and at the end of the film always asks Youssef and me and anyone else I’m with, ‘What did you boys think of that?’ Especially when it’s a film about war: ‘What did you boys think of that?’ (p. 32, ll. 21-25)

The cinema also helps Samir escape his reality for a while. During the time he is there, although he and Youssef talk about their lives, Samir also pays attention to the movie and focuses on the action. This shows Samir’s wish to escape in a fantasy world.

Café Tangier is another...

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