Here, we will highlight the elements of our analysis of “The Test” by Angelica Gibbs.

The story follows a linear plot structureThe characters include Marian, the protagonist, and Mrs. Ericson and the driving inspector, who are secondary characters. Another character, the driving inspector who flunked Marian the first time, is briefly mentioned in the story.

The events take place during a summer day, in an unnamed state in the US, where the protagonist takes her driving test for the second time. The main physical setting of the story is Marian’s car. The social setting explores such themes as racism, power abuse, and injustice.

The events are described by a third-person narrator with a limited point of view, who mostly describes the characters and the events from the outside.

The story is told in a descriptive style which helps readers understand more about the characters and the events. The language is simple; the story is told using a mix of narration and dialogue.  

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