The short story “The Test” by Angelica Gibbs begins with Marian and Mrs. Ericson driving to Marian’s second driving test.

Mr. Ericson tells Marian it is probably better to have someone older with her. Marian replies that they probably like it better when a white person is there as well. Mrs. Ericson disagrees, and they continue driving through the suburbs.

Mrs. Ericson asks herself how she managed to keep the household before Marian worked for her. She tells Marian that she drives beautifully and asks her not to think about the last driving test.

Marian says that it takes four mistakes to be flunked and that she doesn’t remember making all the mistakes marked down by the inspector.

Mrs. Ericson tells her that people say to bribe the inspectors, but Marian believes this would only ...

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