Akunna's boyfriend

Akunna’s boyfriend is a main character in the short story “The Thing Around Your Neck” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. He is a white man in his late twenties, with green eyes and blond hair. 

He appears to be upper class and rich. He has a wealthy grandfather. However, when mentioning his grandfather’s wealth, he is quick to downplay it: “he said his grandfather in Boston had been wealthy but hastily added that the old man had given a lot away and so the trust fund he had wasn’t huge”. This suggests he feels somehow ashamed of his privileged life. His parents own a summer cottage in the Quebec countryside. He is still “senior at the state university” because he took a couple of years off to “discover himself and travel, mostly to Africa and Asia”. This implies he has the money to afford such trips. 

He is educated and has a rich gene...

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