Laurie Saunders

Outer characterization

Laurie Sanders is an important character in the novel The Wave by Morton Rhue. She is the “model student” at Gordon High School: she is a smart, always smiling, pretty girl with light brown hair. She is the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper The Gordon Grapevine (Chapter 1, 0%). 

Laurie always works with dedication and diligence. To her annoyance, the other writers of The Gordon Grapevine do not take the newspaper as seriously as she does (Chapter 1, 13%). 

The relationship between Laurie and her parents is very good. At dinner together, they talk about their day and tell each other all the news. Laurie’s boyfriend David is also a welcome guest at the Saunders home, and Laurie's father in particular gets along very well with him (Chapter 7, 57%.

Inner characterization

Laurie is the first to recognize the problematic aspects of “The Wave”

The events shown in the film about the Second World War and the procedures in the concentration camps affect Laurie very deeply. She wants to talk to David about it and can't get the subject off her mind even during lunch. Laurie feels that these acts should always be remembered so that such incidents can never happen again (Chapter 3, 20%). She does not understand how the German population could supposedly silently accept the atrocities of the Nazis without fighting back (Chapter 2, 2%). When Ben Ro...

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