Ideology and how it can influence people plays a special role in Morton Rhue’s novel The Wave. The special salute, the Wave symbol, and the membership cards are meant to highlight the fascist character of the movement. Most striking, however, are the slogans “Strength Through Discipline”, “Strength Through Community”, and “Strength Through Action” which are meant to convey an ideology and imitate fascist consciousness. Students are expected to repeat these several times a day and act accordingly. A large number of them quickly internalize them: 

‘Whenever you see another Wave member, you will salute. Robert, salute and give our mottoes.’ Standing stiffly beside his seat, Robert performed the salute and replied, ‘Mr Ross, Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community.’ ‘Very good,’ Ben said. ‘Peter, Amy, and Eric, salute and recite our motto with Robert.’ The four students obediently saluted and chanted. (Chapter 6, 43%)

The mottoes and the related pursuit of power and community e...

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