Narrator and point of view

The events described in the short story “Who’s Irish?” by Gish Jen are told by a first-person narrator. The narrator is also one of the story’s main characters, so her account is subjective and biased. For example, the narrator is biased because of her Chinese heritage and judges others accordingly: 

Plain boiled food, plain boiled thinking. Even his name is plain boiled: John. Maybe because I grew up with black bean sauce and hoisin sauce and garlic sauce, I always feel something is missing when my son-in-law talk. (p. 5, ll. 9-12)

This example shows how the narrator judges John, her son-in-law. Moreover, the example hints that the narrator sees herself as superior to John. Whenever she talks about John, the narrator is ironic. For instance, she hints that John is not man enough and she mocks him: 

If J...

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